Anti-Drug Dog Commercial

Ummm... I would worry more about dropping acid than smoking weed at this point...

Another great quote...

This quote was found here.

There are more people in this country who have kids that shouldn't than have guns that shouldn't.

So true... Read the story - it just proves that America's education system sucks, and perhaps we should ensure we don't marry our cousin, or that idiot down the street =-)


Supreme Court may hear DC Gun Law Case

Well folks, I got another opinion, seems to be few and far between... Anyways the Supreme Court may choose to hear an appeal dealing with the Washington DC gun laws which basically ban the ownership of handguns. From what I have read this law is by far one of the strictest gun laws in existence in this country, yet D.C. has a HUGE violent crime factor - it could almost be considered independent from the law. The concern here is not whether you should be able to carry a weapon, more to the point of ownership and the restrictions place on them. In essence its my belief that the Second Amendment was drafted to ensure the perseverance of the First Amendment. Let's face it, some of the worse governments in existence started out by disarming their populaces. It ensures that there is less of a chance of armed resistance to what amounts to enslavement in those governments. Now that that opinion is in the open - what does that have to do with America? I believe that the Framers of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution placed the Second Amendment where it is to accentuate the fact that freedom is not free, that the people will have to defend it. By people I mean individuals, I do not mean the National Guard which is not a militia. The Second Amendment ensures that I have the right to arms to protect my life, liberty and pursuit of happyness. "=-)" That does not mean I need to own a firearm to use my other rights, instead it means I have a right to own a firearm if I want to, or feel the need to.

I always look at it this way, if there was a major breakdown in basic services, whatever the reason (think Katrina), the people would be responsible for themselves. This means that those who are unarmed would be subject to those armed. By armed, I don't necessarily mean firearms. Machetes, clubs, 2x4's and many other blunt or edged weapons could be used. This did happen in Katrina, many stories are flying around that said that neighborhoods that were cut off managed to raise militias of their own, those with weapons defending those without. This is a good example of what militias are, normal people rising to arms to defend their homes from a threat, yet free to leave at any time.

Now we will see if the Supreme Court agrees with me. If they do, I predict the amount of "gang" controlled guns will not increase greatly, seeing as if your breaking the law already - why not go all the way? - instead those who walk the streets, doing their jobs, have a right and a choice to defend themselves how they see fit.

Personally I like a S&W 40 caliber.


Good Quote / Bill of Rights

Well while surfing the net when I should have been writing fireworks support letters I came across a good quote -

"The Christian Right are neither" - Moby

Plus I read something that made me think... Why the hell are we putting the Ten Commandments up in the courthouses? There was a better suggestion. Screw the commandments... They do not belong in our courthouses anyways - better yet lets put the Bill of Rights up where the Commandments used to be. It seems Americans need reminding of what they are, and remember the only way to keep them is for fighting for them, and I do not mean fighting in the wonderful "war of choice" in Iraq.


Personal Responsibilty

All right folks, I will dust my blog off for a discussion on personal responsibility. This comes from the recent news story about a woman named Jennifer Strange. She was a 28 year old mother of 3. Read about the story here and new information here. This is predictable, the family suing the radio station. My question is - where does the responsibility lie? The woman was the one most in "tune" with her body, if you are distended and have a terrible headache perhaps you should stop. Yes she did have these items, and more, seeing as water intoxication will cause swelling of the brain as systemic water enters cells withing the brain using osmosis. Now I guess I do agree with firing the radio jockeys (somewhat) but the lawsuit states that the radio station held the responsibility for her. THIS IS NOT TRUE... SHE HELD RESPONSIBILITY FOR HERSELF! Medical help is available, strong diuretics and electrolyte replacement in an ER would have saved her, but no.... She went home.... Ignorance.

I hate stupid people. They are the reason why laws state what we can and can't do... Because of the lower 50%.


NRA and various items of interest

Well the school year is over, and it looks like I did alright in my classes... One more semester to go...

Anyways, I was looking at renewing my membership to the National Rifle Association and found a rather interesting web page. Give them Back is the name of the web page. This stems back to the time shortly after Katrina when the government managed to regain some sense of control over the city of New Orleans. Now New Orleans even during its best days was never what you would call a crime free city, and in the days after Katrina there was no significant government influence. This meant no 911, no emergency services, no significant health care, and especially no police presence. These things are significant because when you with draw those controls on a society, the criminal elements within that society go on a hay day. This is what the days following Katrina were like.

Now seeing that I never lived through this, I have no first hand knowledge. I watched it on TV like everyone else. I know that doing so will bias you to whatever opinion that the networks you frequent, be it Fox news, CNN, MS NBC, or the network news providers. This means that you only get the producers take on the news they are reporting. This web page is somewhat the same, it is another view completely. Basically the gist of the thing is that the local governments, New Orleans and the parishes, decided to disarm the populace. The people they got were not the criminals for the most part, it was the people relying on their weapons to protect themselves, or those who were getting their valuable firearms out of their houses. Anyways I blogged before on the importance of the second amendment. I will reiterate this fact - In a situation like Katrina (which people in Indiana think won't happen here - ha! more on that later) you need your protection. You DO NOT need to own a gun. I don't care what you think about the statistics regarding gun violence, because there was significant violence LONG LONG before guns were ever created. I want to protect my right to protect myself and my family. Will I shoot to protect my home and family? Absolutely, any other answer would put you in danger, because if you pull a gun but can't pull the trigger, you are pretty much dead. Anyways, enough of my highly conservative views.

Oh by the way - people in Indiana - You may be safe from a hurricane, probably fairly safe from a terrorist attack, and a tornado - well that is a small area disaster... What you are not safe from is pandemics, earthquakes (yes, I said earthquakes, there is a major fault capable of massive damage a couple hundred miles away, and that is too close) These are major disasters that would stretch the response capability of emergency services probably even more than Katrina. So the idea of it can't happen here... well it can and very well may.

I'm going to go clean a gun.


And so it begins...

Convenient... Very convenient... Click Me

Its good he waited until they found out that they lost the house. By they I mean the GOP. Bush is going to try to clean up his act, but we shall see... I doubt the Democrats are going to go too easy on the man, maybe they should consider impeachment. I think the next two years will be interesting. I hope the Democrats will fix the wrongs created in the last few years. I would additionally like to see the shift of governance from fear, to, well, almost anything else.

I like... A couple of Images for the new year

I liked these...


Fourth of July picture

I'm posting this so I can add it to my profile. Yes, those are mortor shells, 6" to be exact.


Weddings, school, and such

Well, time for my monthly post.
I got married on August 5th. It was a wonderful ceremony, and a good reception. I'll post pictures once I get them. I also had a great honeymoon. Needless to say I won't go into too many details, but the area we went to is great. I loved the place we stayed, Ravenwood Castle was great. It is modern bed and breakfast which borrowed its looks from a castle. The entire experience was great. The suite we stayed in was very nice. There were no TV's, alarm clocks, or phones in the room. It has a nice bog four poster bed, a 2 person whirlpool tub, an upstairs reading room and a nice balcony that overlooks the grounds. Sheena wasn't sure that she would enjoy it initially, but when we were going home all she wanted to do was to go back. Sheena, being Sheena, she loved Raven, the castles black lab. We also saw the sites in Hocking Hills State park. The caves are great, though not really caves as I tend to think of them (I lived in Southern Indian, which has several limestone caverns) they are huge sandstone hollows, very impressive. Sheena and I also found out how out of shape we really are. Hiking has managed to perk my (continuing) interest is backpacking, so I will most likely be purchasing a backpack and sleeping bag (suitable for hiking) eventually, after I get back into some sort of shape for backpacking I will introduce Sheena to it. Back to the honeymoon. We also went canoeing. That was fun, though Sheena doesn't like it when I threaten to swamp the canoe. Overall it was a great time, we're going to go back after Sheena gets through her nursing boards.

School is great. I like the teachers, and really enjoy the clinical. Right now I'm on OB. Very opposite of what I normally do as an aide (Medical, Oncology). And lets face it, who doesn't like seeing a VERY young baby?

Jenny - you remember that we're coming over this weekend? Satuday to Monday morning (I have clinicals at 2:30pm Monday afternoon)


Ann Coulter Nude

I feel the need to see if this will actually work to increase traffic. =-)

Stuff in the news

First time I have seen Indiana on the US section of Google News. I guess yesterday (I believe) someone took several shots at a car, killing one person. The story is here.

Anyways, Bush veto'd the Stem Cell research bill. He's still an idiot, imbecil, etc etc. I really wish we could elect someone who at least maintained a better than C average in high school.

I'm getting married on August 5. So I'm busy, I think, and yes, I will email you Jenny =-P.


New Fireworks Law

It seems I'm a major proponent of the new fireworks law in Indiana. For obvious reasons. Anyways, recently I have been noticing a lot of flak in the northern papers about the law. I will call this the vocal minority. I think a lot of people are pissed off that they can't call the cops when they hear fireworks going off, seeing as its legal now. Mostly from northern Indiana. I have no complaints, I live in a major town and it was intense around the 4th of July, but other than the occasional firecracker, its quiet. Now the law makers are considering a change that will allow the local governments to choose for themselves. This means of course any government that chooses to take after our wonderful federal government will be making fireworks illegal. One town wants to make sure fireworks don't go up after 9pm. Anyone ever been outdoors after 9pm? Its still light. Course I am old enough to know that government doesn't necessarily think before suggesting these things.

Anyways, if your interested in helping fireworks, join the Fireworks Alliance and help keep our freedoms.